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Every war in EU2 has two sides, each of which is a war coalition. In every war, one side is the aggressing side, or the aggressors, and the other the defensive side or defenders. Which side a country is on makes a difference when making peace.

Determining the Aggressor

The rules for determining aggressors are fairly simple:

  • When a country sends a declaration of war, its side in the war is the aggressing side.
  • When a country makes a separate peace, it is the aggressor in any new wars that are created as an effect.

Effects of Aggression

The following rules distinguish between aggressors and defenders in a war:

  • In a peace treaty, taking a city province in tribute costs 2 badboy in an aggressive war, but just 1 badboy in a defensive war.
  • The aggressor loses a war if it pays tribute, or if it accepts any white peace. (A defender loses a war only if it pays tribute.)
  • When a country loses a war, it automatically cancels any trade embargo it had on the winners, and it may not reimpose the embargo while the truce lasts.
  • If a country that is the Defender of the Faith loses a war, it loses the title.