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Attrition is the loss of military forces from causes other than combat. In the EU2 timeframe, far more men were lost from disease, exposure, and desertion than combat.

This page discusses general rules of attrition applying to all military units. For specific information on the computation of various kinds of attrition, see the linked articles:

Types of Attrition

There are two kinds of attrition:

  • Movement attrition, which applies to most moving units.
  • Supply attrition, which applies to any units without sufficient supply.

Application of Attrition

All attrition is quantized: it is computed and applied only at the very end of each month. This applies to all attrition: movement attrition and supply attrition, for both land and naval forces.

Note that the quantization of attrition makes it possible for a player to avoid a lot of attrition via careful movement. See the articles on monthly movement and bouncing for some ideas.