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This sections contains guides designed for beginners. If you are new to this game or you just want to refresh some basic informations, read guides listed below.

For beginners

What country to pick? - comparison of the specific countries and scenarios as well as advice from experienced gamers.
First game advices - what you should know when you start your first game.
First MP game advices - what you should know when you face the most gamey players for the first time ;-)
Options - options from the country selection screen.

General FAQs

Basis of the diplomacy screen - how to run your diplomacy.
Policy sliders - how to set them and what it gives.
Basis of warfare - how to fight, how not to lose.
Technology - what to invest, what to hold back.
Trade - everything about trading.
Colonization - how to create overseas empire.

Other concepts

Badboy - what's that and how to deal with it.
Colonists - how to get and use them.
Missionaries - how to get and use them.
Diplomats and Merchants - you lack them all the time? Here are your options.
Explorers and Conquistadors - your helpers in exploration and colonization.
Mercenaries and privateers - both useful and evil.
Culture - what culture is used for in EU2.
Religion - everything about religion - RMs, tolerance, etc.
Manufactories - big buildings that do quite a lot.
Province Upgrades - walls, judges...
Rebellions - damned rebels!
Civil war - how huge empires can easily break apart.
Cheats - big no-nos.
Monarch stats - How do you know what they are, how can they be adjusted, what effect has it ingame.