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A blockade is a naval action intended to keep goods from entering and/or leaving a port.


A blockade will happen automatically any time the following conditions hold:

  • One or more countries have a large enough naval force in a sea zone which a port opens into.
  • The naval force is not moving, and not engaged in combat.
  • The port settlement is controlled by an enemy country of the blockading fleet(s).

For this purpose, the naval force in a sea zone is all of the non-moving fleets, of all enemies of the country controlling the port. A naval force is large enough to blockade if it is 5 warships, or 10 galleys, or any combination of warships and galleys such that:

2*#warships + #galleys >= 10

On the map, you can tell when a port is blockaded because its symbol will change to a "blockaded port" symbol.

Effects of Blockades

Here is a list of the effects of a blockade:

  • A blockade helps to advance the siege, if there is one, in the blockaded city. Against higher fortifications levels, a blockade can be required to get any siege advancement.
  • A blockade doubles supply in the blockaded province.
  • Each blockade of a country's ports will reduce the trading income it gets from overseas CoTs, proportionate to the number of blockaded ports (this needs to be confirmed).