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The budget screen is a display showing your country's disposition of its current monthly income. This is not a full budget as you might think of it in the real world. Although you can direct income to the treasury here, the disposal of money from the treasury is not shown on this screen, nor are several other sources of income and outlay displayed.

The budget screen shows you the following information:

  • Your country's current allocation of its monthly income, on the six spending sliders.
  • Your country's full investment levels into tech and stability, proportionate to the total tech cost of the next level. This is shown by the green bar below each slider; the further right it is, the nearer to the next level you are. You can see the exact numbers on a tooltip over each slider.
  • Via tooltip, your country's full investment rates into tech and stability, which includes the budget of monthly spending but also several sources of direct investment. You can mouse over the sliders to get tooltips, which show a breakdown of all investment into their particular field.
  • Via tooltip, your country's current rate of increase of inflation, including that from minting but also inflation from gold income. You can mouse over the "To Treasury" slider to get the tooltip with this information.
  • Whether you can impose war taxes. If you can, the button is lit up. Otherwise it's grey.
  • Whether you can take a bank loan. If you can, the button is lit up. Otherwise it's grey.

The budget screen offers you the following actions:

  • To set your country's spending levels on technology, stability, and minting, via the six spending sliders. Double-clicking on a slider will fix it. Note that changes to sliders do not take effect until you close the screen.
  • To invest money from treasury into tech or stability, via the little octagonal buttons on the left of their sliders. Nobody ever does this, and you shouldn't either.
  • To impose war taxes by clicking the "Raise War Taxes" button.
  • To take a loan by clicking the "Take Bank Loan" button.
  • To close the screen (and change the budgeting if any sliders have been changed) via the "Close" button.

It is recommended to focus on one slider at a time (see the figure), as you will reach the next level faster.
Be aware of investing in stability. If you reach +3 stability, the slider for stability will move all the way to the left. To compensate, the game moves the treasury slider all the way to the right. This can cause unwanted inflation. It can be avoided by setting the "stability increased" popups to autopause in the message settings - this will remind you to adjust the sliders.