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The capital province of a country is a special province where its government institutions are assumed to be. Every country always has one, and only one capital province. Gaining control of an enemy's capital in a war is necessary to get many of the more valuable tribute options.

Effects of Capital Provinces

Here is a listing of rules applying to capitals:

  • In a war you must control the capital of an enemy country in order to:
  • Land connections to a country are traced to its capital. When a province has a land connection to the capital, the following rules apply to it:
    • it is cheaper to colonize
    • if is unowned, or it is a colony or trading post, it gives the "frontier country" bonus colonist to the country
    • it costs half as much (and has slightly better chances) for religious conversion.
  • Upon new country creation, the state culture and state religion of the new country are usually determined by the culture and religion in the capital province.
  • The country is considered to be on the continent which its capital is in.
  • A country cannot perform any diplomatic actions with a second country unless it knows of its capital.
  • A fine arts academy gets the production bonus only in a capital province.
  • Capitals have a special -2 revolt risk modifier.
  • When a country captures the capital of a second, non-pagan country, the first country gets all of the maps of the second country.
  • Capitals never defect. They can revolt, however, including via a government collapse. If the capital province is added to a revolting country, the capital must move to some other owned province of the country. If there is no other province, the country is eliminated.
  • Capitals cannot be taken by belligerents in a government collapse, which includes turboannexations.