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There are several ways to "cheat" in EU2. (When you are playing solo, "cheating" is not really meaningful, hence the scare-quotes.) These can be very helpful when you are trying to figure out how EU2 works (see the category Scientific Play Testing). Also they can be fun for creating variant games for yourself. For example, how fast can you conquer the world if you give yourself unlimited money?

Editing Save Games

Save game files in EU2 are saved in a fairly simple text format. Thus they can easily be edited in all sorts of ways. You can, for example, change the religion of every province you own -- or every province, period -- to Catholic.

Cheat Codes

Cheat codes are special strings which, when typed into the game as follows, cause rules changes or advantageous changes in the game's state.

How to Enter Cheat Codes

You can enter cheats as follows:

  1. Press F12 to open the cheat window.
  2. Type the cheat code and press Enter.
  3. Press ctrl-F12 (or F12 and ESC) to exit the cheat window.

Listing of Cheat Codes

montezuma - adds 50,000 ducats to your country's treasury
richelieu - toggles your control of all AI armies - unstable, often causes crash
columbus - gives your country maps to the whole world (NOT a toggle)
pappenheim - toggles Fog of War
russianhordes - toggles unlimited manpower
vatican - you get six diplomats
pocahontas - you get six colonists
loyola - you get six missionaries
dagama - you get six merchants
tilly - AI doesn't declare war
alba - there are no rebels
luther - Protestants die...
calvin - Reformed dies...
cromwell - invests in infrastructure technology
polo - invests in trade technology
gustavus - invests in land technology
drake - invests in naval technology
tordesillas - the Treaty of Tordesillas is cancelled
trent - the Council of Trent is cancelled
swift - adds 1000 population to your country's capital
robespierre - you can change policy sliders as often as you like
cortez - the natives die...
difrules - godmode ;)
ney - doesn't pause during the events; helpful with handoffs
oranje - your country's stability is set to +3