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A chief judge is a city upgrade that increases a city's income and lowers its revolt risk.

Promoting Chief Judges

A country cannot build chief judges until it reaches infrastructure tech 4. Once it does, a legal counsel may promoted to a chief judge in any city that the country owns and controls, which already has a tax collector promoted. The base cost for this is 100 ducats; the cost is modified only by inflation. The time required for the promotion is 24 months. Note that if control of the province is lost while the promotion is underway, it does not happen. The money is lost.

Effects of Chief Judges

A chief judge has two effects on his city:

In addition, each chief judge increases worldwide demand by 1% for all luxury goods (furs, ivory, tobacco, coffee, tea, china, and spices).

Removing Chief Judges

Once you've promoted a chief judge, you cannot voluntarily get rid of him. However, when a province changes ownership, any chief judge in it is removed.