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The colonization screen is an information screen allowing you to send colonists to attempt to start or expand trading posts or colonies, or, rarely, to expand a colonial city.

To display the colonization screen, click on the "colonist" icon in the controls window. Doing this will display the colonization screen, and also place the main map into colonization map mode.

When you mouse over any province which you can colonize, its information will be displayed on the colonization screen. You can click a province to select it, which will cause one or both Send buttons to be active. The colonization screen displays the following information for the current province:

  • its name, at the top. In the example, the province is Moron.
  • its base tax value. Moron's BTV is 5.
  • its population, and the type of settlement. Moron is a colony with population 822.
  • the time, chance of success, and cost it would require to send a trader and/or colonist. Moron is a colony, so it cannot have traders sent. To send another colonist would take 2 months, cost 36d, and have a 95% chance of success.
  • the number and aggressiveness of natives. In the example, Moron has 1000 natives with "Low" aggressiveness.
  • its trade goods, both as the good's icon and its name, and an text describing its market price. Moron's good is coffee.

The colonization screen offers you the following actions:

  • to attempt to establish or expand a trading post, via the "Send Trader" button.
  • to attempt to establish or expand a colony or colonial city, via the "Send Colonist" button.
  • to cancel, returning you to normal map mode, via the "Back to Main" button.

For more information on the costs, chances, etc. of sending both kinds of actions, see the article on colonization.