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Continents are large sets of land provinces completely or largely isolated from each other by water. In EU2, there are just 5 continents: Africa, America (comprising both North and South America), Asia, Europe, and Oceania. Oceania is a grab-bag containing Australia, New Guinea, and a few isolated Pacific Islands.

Continents Defined

The demarcation between most of the continents is a body of water, so it is usually clear. However there are two continental divides that fall on land: Europe/Asia, and Asia/Africa. These divides are defined as follows:

  • Africa/Asia: Egypt is in Africa. Sinai is in Asia.
  • Europe/Asia: the European side of this line includes the provinces Orenburg, Astrakhan, Daghestan, Kurdistan, Sivas and Adana.

Islands are generally part of the continent they are nearest to. Here are some cases that may not be clear:

  • all islands in the Mediterranean Sea are in Europe.
  • the Canary Islands are in Europe.
  • Oceania contains Sorong; Ceram is in Asia.
  • Iceland is in Europe; Greenland in America.
  • Socotra is in Africa.

Effects of Continents

The continents don't generally matter much in EU2. However, there are a few rules which are Europe-specific; there are also some rules that reference continents which apply universally.

A country is in a continent if its capital province is in that continent. Thus, a "European country" is any country with its capital in a province which is in Europe.


Europe is a special continent in a number of ways.

  • mercenaries can only be recruited in Europe.
  • culture change of colonial cities does not happen in Europe.
  • European countries can use and abuse pagan countries without paying any price in badboy.
  • Conquistadors have their fire, shock, and siege stats nullified in Europe.

General Effects of Continents

The following rules apply to all countries:

  • manpower can be drawn from all cities on the home continent, regardless of land connection.
  • religious conversion of colonial cities on other continents costs one-fifth what it does on the home continent.
  • there are no population growth penalties due to climate on a country's home continent.