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The country screen is an information screen showing general information about a country. The screen may be displayed for any known country, by clicking on its country icon on the main map.

The country screen shows you the following information about the selected country, from top to bottom:

  • Its name. In the example, it is Spain.
  • Its coat of arms, its ranking and victory points, and an icon for its state religion. In the example, Spain is currently ranked #2 with 78 victory points, and it has Catholicism as its state religion.
  • If your country is selected, and you can release one or more vassals, the "Create Vassal" button will be active; otherwise it is gray.
  • The country's monarch is displayed in the middle of the screen. The name is shown, along with dots which encode the monarch's diplomatic, administrative, and military skills. The example shows Isabel y Fernando, who have 9s in all ratings.
  • The country's current stability. In the example, Spain has -1 stability.
  • The country's military techs: its land tech and its naval tech. In the example, Spain has both techs at level 7.
  • The country's cultures. The primary state culture is listed first, and any other cultures after that. In the example, Spain has Iberian culture.

When your own country is selected, the country screen offers you the following actions:

  • to release a vassal, if one or more is currently releasable by your country, via the "Create Vassal" button.
  • to go to the domestic policy screen, via the coat of arms button.
  • to go to the religion screen, via the state religion button.

Regardless of selected country, the two arrow buttons at the bottom of the screen can be clicked to select another country. Only countries known to your country can be displayed. The ordering is alphabetical, so in the example, clicking the left button would make Songhai the selected country, and clicking right would select Strassburg.