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Defection is a kind of built-in event, where a province that has been rebel-controlled for 4 years throws off its affiliation with its old country and joins a new country.

Conditions for Defections

Rebel-controlled provinces that don't revolt may defect. A province will defect 4 years (48 months) after it is captured by rebels, assuming:

  • it is not a capital province - capitals don't defect.
  • it is not currently being covered or sieged.
  • it has an eligible country to defect to (see below).

Which countries are eligible to receive a possible defector? First off, nonpagan provinces never defect to pagan countries (pagan provinces can). Provinces never defect to countries which are at war with their current owner. Provinces also do not defect to countries that don't know of them. Next, only countries which border a province, or which have it as a core province are eligible to receive its defection. Core status is preferred. If no existing country has the province as a core province, then the province will choose among countries which own a bordering province which is not rebel-controlled.

Effects of Defection

A defecting province changes ownership and control to the new country (that is, it is no longer rebel-controlled). The country losing it gets a 5 year casus belli on the receiving country.

Unlike other means of province ownership change, there is no nationalism effect in the defecting province. Also, badboy is not affected in either country.