Defender of the Faith

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The title of Defender of the Faith gives the country owning it casus belli against any country which is at war with a country of its state religion.

Claiming Defender of the Faith

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Defender of the Faith (abbreviated DotF) is a exclusive status. There is one title of Defender of the Faith for each religion, except paganism. If the DotF for a religion is currently unclaimed, any country with that religion as its state religion may claim the title. This is done by paying 1000 ducats, modified only by inflation, on the religion screen. If the DotF title for your religion is already claimed, you cannot claim it until the current title holder loses it.

Although DotF titles exist for the Reformed and Counterreform Catholic faiths, and you can buy the title, they don't work.

The game sends a message when a title of Defender of the Faith is claimed, but otherwise you cannot tell from within the game which countries are DotF. DotFs are encoded in savefiles, using this format:

<religion> = XXX

where XXX is a country tag. This information is written near the start of the savefile, just above the province list.

Effects of being Defender of a Faith

When a country is DotF:

Loss of the Title

A country loses its DotF status if it ever "loses" a war. A war is counted as lost for this purpose if:

  • the country is an aggressor in the war, and it pays tribute or gets a white peace.
  • the country is a defender in the war, and it pays tribute.

The title is also lost if the country changes its state religion, by any means.