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Diplomats icon.jpg

Diplomats are a kind of state agent that are required to perform most diplomatic actions. One diplomat is expended each time you make a diplomatic action, regardless of its success or failure. For diplomatic annexations there is a special rule. You need one diplomat to perform the action, but a successful annexation will not remove the diplomat.

Normal diplomat generation happens at the start of each month: a country will either gain no diplomat that month, or it will gain one. If you hover over the diplomat icon at the top of the screen, you'll get a tooltip showing the yearly number of diplomats you get, and the breakdown according to the following factors:

N Factor Exact value
1 Base amount
+1 to +5 Royal diplomacy +1 per point of monarch's diplomacy skill above 6
+0 to +2 State religion +1 for Reformed/Protestant; +2 for Catholic/CRC
+1 at war

The maximum rate is thus 9 diplomats/year, for a super-diplomat Catholic monarch at war. The minimum, which is often seen when playing non-Christian countries, is 1 diplomat per year, or 2 per year when at war.

It is also possible to gain diplomats via events. A few countries have scripted events which give them diplomats. There is also the "Diplomatic Move" random event that gives one bonus diplomat.

A maximum of 6 diplomats may be stored at a time.