Edict of Tolerance

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The Edict of Tolerance is an event which occurs sometime from 1650 through 1658. (Specifically, it occurs randomly on one of the 3000 days starting Jan 1, 1650.) In real history, there is no specific historical event which the Edict is supposed to represent. Rather, it represents roughly the conclusion of the major religious wars of the Reformation, as well as the decline in Papal prestige within the system of Westphalian sovereignty. See the wikipedia entries for the Thirty Years' War and the Peace of Westphalia.

Effects of the Edict

The advent of the Edict of Tolerance has the following effects:

  • It disables the ability of countries to voluntarily convert to the Counterreform Catholic religion. Countries can remain CrC if they already are, and CrC countries can still force-convert other Western Christian countries.
  • It cancels the Treaty of Tordesillas rules, which allow Spain and Portugal to sieze provinces from other Catholic countries.
  • It enables Catholics (and CrC) to have royal marriages with Protestant and Reformed countries, and vice versa.
  • It removes the casus belli that Counterreform Catholics have on Protestant/Reformed, and vice versa.