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  • NOBODY selects a country before the host says it is ok to select.
  • NEVER leave the game set-up if someone is downloading.
  • If you join a long term game (probably as a sub) ask the host which country you will play. Don't start moaning if the country in question doesn't suit your tastes, that simply is bad manners. Also, remember to ask if there are any rules for the game that you need to observe and what the regular player was up to.
  • When the game starts, press TAB and type "in" (and press enter). Do absolutely nothing with the mouse until the host tells everybody is in. If you click on *anything* before everybody has joined, the game might crash.
  • Don't ruin your nation. If you are losing a war, make peace. In most cases, the games you play are long-terms so there will be many chances to fight back ceded provinces.
  • Don't alt-tab out of the game, as it might cause crashes.
  • If you have to go away from your PC (toilet, dinner, short rest), type 'AFK' and an amount of minutes you will be away in a chat window. When you are back, type 'back'. If your country is dowed during your AFK, the others will pause the game.
  • If you have to leave before the end-time, tell that to the others and explain the situation. If you know that before the game starts, you should ask around for possible subs.
  • When chatting privately, use either * or pm to denote that it is a private message and ** if it is only for allies.
  • If you are in a long-term game and you get the save from the host for next session, DO NOT read the history log from the host's save. It is bad.
  • BE THERE ON TIME and try not to be afk during hosting/rehosts.


SP Singleplayer
MP Multiplayer
AFK Away from keyboard
tabbed Has alt-tabbed.
reselect You have to reselect your country -> click on another country, then again the country you intend to play with.
sub A substitute in a long-term game.
dling or dl:ing Downloading the save from the host.
rehost The host saves the game, exits back to V-net and hosts the game again.
lag Internet [lag] can cause all sorts of problems and can also allow several exploits and/or bugs (lagloan, lag merchants)

Main module by Jarko Suvinen