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A government collapse is a kind of built-in event where rebels cause a government to be overthrown. A large country will usually end up losing half of its provinces.

Conditions for Government Collapse

A government collapses automatically on the first of a month if rebels control a greater number of its owned provinces than the total number of provinces it controls (its own, or others).

Determination of province revolt and defection is performed before government collapse is tested. A government which ends the month about to collapse may be saved if in the same month one or more rebel provinces leave via defection or revolt.

Effects of Government Collapse

There are many effects of a government collapse upon the country:

  • Mass revolts - all rebel-controlled provinces revolt if they are a 'minimum' province of any country that currently does not exist. Unlike a normal revolt, there's no minimum time requirement for rebel occupation, and the new countries receive their "extra" provinces regardless of adjacency. Note that these revolts may move the capital to some other province, which may be any owned province regardless of who has control.
  • Peace is forced - a peace treaty is automatically "signed" with every belligerent nation. They receive ownership of any provinces they control, except the capital province. They pay 2 badboy points per province gained. There is no badboy reduction for the collapsed government.
  • Return of government control - any remaining provinces are returned to control of the collapsed government.
  • Rebels go into politics - all rebel armies vanish if they are occupying a province which has returned to government control. Rebels occupying provinces which revolted are changed to be owned by the new countries.
  • Stability restored - the stability of the collapsed government is set to +3.
  • Monarch is reset - the monarch of the collapsed government has his skills set to 3/3/3 for better or worse. This lasts until he dies.