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Inheritance is a rare scripted event which causes the annexation of one country by others. Although it is a form of annexation, it is sufficiently different to warrant its own discussion.

Causes of Inheritance

Inheritance is only possible via scripted events. There are no random events for it. Although there are sometimes in-game triggers for particular inheritance events (i.e., the Ottoman Empire can inherit Mameluks by taking control of Egypt after 1510), some inheritances are triggered by things outside of player control, i.e. actions selected by AI countries.

Resolution of Inheritance

When an inheritance event happens, the inheriting country takes ownership of all provinces owned and controlled by the inherited country. However, any province owned by the inherited country which is controlled by a third country goes to that country, not the inheriting country. As with other forms of annexation, the inheriting country gets all military forces of the inherited country, and all other assets related to that country vanish.

Inheritance is one of the few methods of province transfer that costs less than one badboy per province. The inheriting country pays 1/4 BB per province, regardless of which country gets the province.

Note that it is possible to exploit many inheritance events if you know about them ahead of time (by reading events files or paying attention in previous games). This is not possible in well-designed inheritance events, which restrict inheritances to peacetime. (Most of the events in most mods are restricted.) But if an event can happen in wartime, you can exploit it with any country in range. You invade the country to be inherited ahead of time, taking control of any/all provinces which you want. Then the inheritance triggers and you get them, BB-free.

List of Inheritance Events

For your exploiting pleasure, here is a list of inheritance events that can happen in vanilla EU2 1.09. The "probability" field gives, roughly, the probability that AIs will select option in events such that an inheritance happens.

Date Probability Inherited By Notes
1442 3.1% Naples Aragon
1451 89.4% Provence France Exists FRA, ENG
1451 89.4% Luxembourg Burgundy Exists FRA, HAB, !War
1470- 100% Aztec Spain Until 1560. Must control Zacatecas
1476 94.4% Burgundy Austria Exists FRA, HAB, !War
1476 5.6% Burgundy France Exists FRA, HAB, !War
1489 94.4% Cyprus Venice
1500 89.4% Milano Austria Exists FRA, HAB
1500 5.3% Milano France Exists FRA, HAB
1510- 100% Mameluks Ottomans control Egypt
1516 89.4% Aragon Spain if vassal(ARG,SPA)
1516 89.4% Castile Spain if vassal(CAS,SPA)
1521 89.4% Norway Denmark if vassal(SWE,DEN)
1516- 100% Hungary Austria if OE holds 3 Magyar cores
1526 94.4% Bohemia Austria
1540 100% Hungary Austria if 1516 event never happened
1559- 100% Gelre Holland as soon as HOL exists
1559- 100% Friesland Holland as soon as HOL exists
1559- 100% Flandres Holland as soon as HOL exists
1559- 100% Brabant Holland as soon as HOL exists
1567 89.1% Lithuania Poland !War(POL,LIT)
1589 100% French Protestant Rep. France
1589 100% French Ultracatholics France
1609 89.4% Kleves Brandenburg
1609 5.3% Kleves Palatinate
1615 94.4% Prussia Brandenburg
1637 89.4% Pommern Brandenburg
1637 5.3% Pommern Brandenburg Vorpommern to Sweden
1644 5.5% Manchu China
1644 5.5% China Manchu
1649 100% English Royalists England Only if ECW happened (1642), went PUR
1649 100% English Puritans England Only if ECW happened (1642), went ROY
1683 100% China Manchu
1688 100% PUR England If Restoration happened (1660), went ROY
1766 94.4% Lorraine France
1802 94.4% Annam Dai Viet