Mercantilism, trade efficiency, and trade tech effect on merchant stickiness

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This is a section containing reports on experiments on factors affecting the ability of merchants to survive in CoTs. The summaries of each report provide the most important information shown in the experiment. The procedure tells how the experiment was setup and performed. The method informs readers of statistical methods that are used for analysis of controlled experimental data. Data from each case study is provided. Hypotheses are made after examination of the data. Discussion and analyses shows provides the evidence leading to the conclusions listed afterward. Important Observations give some evidence leading to additional hypotheses for consideration. Uncertain items are listed for further study.

Scientific Reports

Xhosa Test on Merchant Stickiness - religion, Mercantilism, trade efficiency, and trade tech effects in 1.08 April 21, 2005 beta, 1.08 vanilla, and 1.07 May 11, 2003 beta.

Oman Test on Merchant Stickiness - Mercantilism and trade tech effects in 1.08 vanilla.