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A military unit, or military force, is a group of armed men, capable of engaging enemy forces in combat. A military action is an action that requires a military unit to perform.

There are just two kinds of military units: land units, and naval units.

General Attributes of Military Units

Here are some features that all military units share:

  • They have a leader, if only a default leader.
  • They can move.
  • They have morale.
  • They are present on the main map in a unique province, and may be given movement orders there.
  • They require supply, and will take losses from attrition if neglected.
  • They cost money to recruit or build.
  • They require money or income to maintain.

Land Units

Land units, or land forces, are groups of trained soldiers. There are three kinds of land units: infantry, cavalry, and artillery. A grouping of land units under a single leader is an army.

Land units usually abide in land provinces. They can move into sea zones only as passengers on a fleet, never on their own.

Land units may engage in the following types of military action:

Naval Units

Naval units, or naval forces, are ships and their trained crews. There are three kinds of naval units: warships, galleys, and transports. A grouping of naval units under a single leader is a fleet.

Naval units may occupy sea zones, and also ports, but cannot enter other land provinces. Naval units are required to carry land units across sea zones, except for crossing straits.

Naval units may engage in the following types of military action: