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Missions allow you to collect additional victory points on top of the ones you earn from battles, discoveries and economical gains. You can access the mission screen in-game from the information screen. Note that missions will only be available if you have turned "Dynamic Missions" on in the main menu. Each mission has a time limit of 5 years. You will be penalized if you do not complete the mission within the limit.

You can only have one mission active at a time. If you haven't selected a mission, you will receive a random one automatically.

If you adjust your message settings to auto-pause popups related to completed/failed missions, the game will auto-pause every fifth year. This is a nice way to remember to adjust your domestic policy sliders every tenth year.

Available missions

X is a random country, usually one of your neighbors.

Some missions are arguably easier than others. The "Keep province" mission is probably the easiest and most rewarding one. Note that you will fail the mission if it is controlled by rebels.

Mission Description Victory points Penalty points
Conquer province You must conquer a province in your neighborhood. 30 19
Keep province You must own and control one of your provinces. 20 13
Vassalize X You must vassalize one of your neighbors, either by force or diplomacy. 20 13
Annex X You must annex one of your neighbors, either by force or diplomacy. 30 19
No X in a certain region One of your neighbors can't own provinces within a certain region. 50 33
Discover a province You must discover a province in a exotic country. 5 3
Royal marriage with X You must have a royal marriage with one of your neighbors. 2 1