Naval movement time

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Naval movement time is the number of days required for a naval unit to move to another sea zone, or into a port.

0-4 20 5 10
5-8 15 3 7
9-12 12 3 6
13-16 10 2 5
17-20 8 2 4
21-25 7 1 3
26-33 6 1 3
34-41 5 1 2
42-54 4 1 2
55-60 3 1 1

Normal Move Time

For warships and transports, naval movement time is a function of their country's naval technology. The sea zone a fleet is currently in has no effect on its movement time. Moving into certain sea zones, the "fast northern" sea zones, costs costs 1/2 the time, truncating any fraction. Time to move into, or out of, a port is 1/4 that of a normal move, truncating any fraction but subject to a minimum of 1 day. This information is summarized on the table on the right.

Galleys, and fleets containing them, are always slow. Regardless of their country's naval technology, they always move at the tech 1-4 rate: 20 days per normal sea zone, 10 days for a fast northern sea zone, and 5 days into or out of port.

The time to move multiple sea zones (and/or port moves) is simply the sum of the times of each single move.

Fast Northern Sea Zones

The EU2 map is a quasi-Mercator projection, which tends to map relatively small regions near the poles to very large areas. The map does not include areas that close to the South Pole, because there is no land there of any interest. However, the north of the map goes pretty far north. To compensate for this (albeit crudely), the game makes some northern sea zones faster to move into. These are the fast northern sea zones. The fast sea zones are as follows:

  • all sea zones bordering the northern edge of the map, except the Coast of Iceland
  • the three most northern Baltic sea zones (Gulf of Bothnia, Gulf of Turku, Aland Sea)
  • sea zones bordering Greenland
  • the sea zone south of the Aleutes (Northern Pacific Ocean)
  • the nine sea zones bordering land in the area of Kamcatka that are entirely north of the tip of the peninsula
  • a hexagonal deep blue zone in the Gulf of Kamcatka (the Okhotsk Sea).