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Province taxes are a component of a country's monthly income. Province tax is collected only from provinces which have a city in them; a province containing a trading post or a colony gets zero province tax. Cities must not be looted to collect province taxes, and city must be both owned and controlled by the country.

Formula for Province Taxes

For city X, we can write the equation for province taxes as follows:

province_tax(X) = province_tax_multiplier(X) * (base_tax_value(X) + city_officials(X)) / 12


  • The base_tax_value of a city is a small integer; see the base tax value article.
  • City_officials is an integer ranging from zero to two. It is 0 by default; plus 1 if the city has a tax collector; another plus 1 if the city has a chief judge.

The total province taxes for a country are simply the sum of province taxes collected from each city that the country owns.

The amount of province taxes calculated above is a monthly rate, used for monthly income. Province taxes are also used as the base of calculation for the census tax, which is collected yearly. For that purpose, multiply the formula above by 12 to compute the yearly rate.

Province Tax Multiplier

The "province tax multiplier" is a per-province modifier to province taxation. It starts at 100%. The following penalties apply based on the city in the province:

  • Cultural diversity: City culture does not match any state culture: -30%
  • Religious diversity: City religion not state religion: -30%
  • Overseas tax penalty: -0% to -20% (-2% * position of naval/land slider) when a city has no land connection to its capital, but it does have a land connection to a port. The penalty is a flat -10% if the city has no land connection to a port.
  • Unrest in the city: -5% * (net revolt risk)

There are also three adjustments to the province tax modifier which are based on the country, not the city in the province. So these apply to all cities owned by a country.

         Hinduism: +5%
         Protestantism: +10%
         Buddhism: -20%
         Confucianism: -20%
         Shi'ite: -20%
         Reformed: -10%