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Random events are a set of events which can occur many times. Most random events affect all countries, although there are a few random religious events which affect only limited sets of countries (i.e. the events which allow American pagan countries to convert to Christianity) and a very few which are targeted just to one country.

Technically, any event which has the attribute "random = yes" is a random event. In vanilla 1.09, random events are defined in two files: randomevents.txt and randomreligiousevents.txt.


Every country will get one random event roughly every 14 months, although the time between events can range from 12 to 24 months randomly. Note that if an event's triggers match your country, but it has no effect, then you will see no effect. (For example, this can happen with the events Heretics and Conversion of Heretics, if you have no wrong-religion provinces.) Random events may strike on any day of a month. I'm not sure of any of these numbers; more testing needs to be done here.

The random event timer is reset when you reload the game. That is, you'll have to wait at least 12 months from a reload to get any random event.

Random Events Listing

A listing of random event triggers and effects for 1.08 can be found at in the EU2 FAQ section of the forums: Random Events FAQ 1.08. It would be nice to transcribe that information for 1.09 here.

For 1.09, we only have a few random events listed here. You can help.

About the Listing Tables

All the events are grouped by 'family', following lawkeepers groupings. Every event will be displayed with the event id number, name, conditions, general effects, and specific numbers for scaled effects.

Size Event #
1-4 94xxx
4-8 95xxx
9-29 96xxx
30-79 97xxx
80-199 98xxx
200+ 99xxx

Conditions for an event based on domestic policy sliders, techs, other variable are shown with the variable name, a number and optionally a plus or minus sign. '-' means this number or lower, and '+' means this number or higher. If no plus or minus is shown, '+' is assumed; i.e., "infra 7" means infrastructure tech 7, 8, 9, or 10.

Most random events are scaled on the basis of the size (in city provinces) of the country. Larger countries tend to get bigger effects. Those events are listed with an 'x' in the place of the second number, like 9x005. In these cases the effect of the event which is common to all 6 country sizes is listed in effect, for example, "+N cash" which means you gain cash in the treasury. The exact amount you gain is listed in the six remaining positions of the table. The precise event number used for scaled events is standardized: the 'x' is actually one of the digits 4 through 9, as shown in the table to the right.

Inflation and Cash

These events give or take cash or inflation.

# Event Name Conditions Effects 1-4 4-8 9-29 30-79 80-199 200+
94018 Exceptional Year +100d, -2 inflation
94019 Exceptional Year 1400-1549 +100d, -2 inflation
94020 Exceptional Year 1550-1649 +200d, -2 inflation
94021 Exceptional Year 1650-1799 +300d, -2 inflation
9x060 Corruption -N cash, stabhit OR inflation +1 -25d, -2 -75d, -1 -100d, -1 -150d, -1 -500d, -1 -1000d, -1
9x061 Corruption -N cash, stabhit OR inflation +1 -25d, -2 -75d, -1 -100d, -1 -150d, -1 -500d, -1 -1000d, -1
9x062 Deflation 1600- -5 inflation
9x071 Bank 1650-, infra 7 -5 inflation, +N cash 75d 150d 200d 300d 500d 1000d
9x072 Stock Exchange 1750-, infra 7, trade 9 -2 inflation, +N cash, +M infra 25d, 250 75d, 500 100d, 750 250d, 1000 500d, 2000 1000d, 5000