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Russia is an great country to play for fun game involving lots of warfare and colonization. This is a guide for playing Russia.

Which Original Country

There are six countries capable of forming Russia. Of these, there are only two that have substantial advantages: Novgorod and Muscovy. Feel free to experiment with the minor Russian countries (Pskov, Ryazan, Tver, and Suzdal), but they are not discussed further here.

It is far easier to form Russia, and to get your game off to a smashing start using Muscovy than Novgorod. Muscovy is superior to Novgorod in most ways:

  • Better initial domestic policy settings
  • Better monarchs
  • Better scripted events
  • Gets a scripted conquistador before Russia can form
  • Infinitely better generals (Novgorod gets none; Muscovy is never without a general after 1420.)
  • Better initial relations and position (Novgorod tends to get dogpiled early).

Playing Novgorod does have one significant advantage, however: if you do manage to get through the initial wars and become Russia, you keep Ugric culture, which means you can eventually gain more benefit from owning the Ugric provinces (Finland and the northern Baltic states).

This guide takes the easy path to Russia. Choose Muscovy for your country. Novgorod should get its own strategy guide. (Doesn't as yet -- you can write it!)

Early Game: Unifying Russian Minors

Beginning the game, set your religious tolerance (high for Orthodox, middling for Catholic, none for Muslim), and set all spending into infrastructure. Do your domestic policy slider move -- I suggest moving Offensive up towards the eventual goal of Offensive 9 (giving +1 shock). Other than that, sit tight -- don't do anything yet.

Your stability cost early is absurdly small: the monarch alone will raise stability every 2 months. So don't worry about stabhits. If you ever get to a surplus of diplomats (which is fairly unlikely, since your early monarchs are not diplomatically great), you can expend extra diplomats by making and breaking royal marriages.

Your goal in the early game, as it is for most countries, is to take all your cores. But you want to avoid force-annexation to keep your badboy as low as possible. So you want your neighbors to do your dirty work, of annexing each other. Thus, only Novgorod is a desirable war for you initially.

Fortunately, with your first general appearing in Jan 1420, you will be well set to exploit the action that your neighbors will create. You can steal any siege they start. And Novgorod, for whatever reason, is almost always piled onto in the early game. Sweden/Denmark/Norway, Suzdal, Pskov and Tver may all attack her at the same time. Or they may attack each other in other combinations. Let them. Your job, on entering the war, is to get as much warscore as you can, and take any/all cores from Novgorod.

During the first year, you may want to DoW Novgorod yourself, or you may not. But there are other things to do. Immediately cancel your vassalization with Golden Horde. (They cannot DoW you, being at stability -3, nor do they want to.) Second, you should look for opportunities to get allies. Suzdal is the main good opportunity: with +190 relations, you can invite them to an alliance as soon as both countries have devassallized themselves. You can now use them as an annexation ally, or as bait for an offensive/defensive war inversion.

Ideally, you can take all of Novgorod's provinces in your initial war, leaving Novgorod to be annexed by Tver or Pskov, which will then annex the other. Then you can DoW and invade the winner, taking all provinces but one, and allow Suzdal to annex it. Or leave it undefended on the border of Lithuania and the Teutonic Knights. Someone will eventually annex it.

Ryazan may ally with someone, or it may be annexed by Lithuania or the Golden Horde. Either way, after you eliminate Novgorod, Pskov, and Tver, it should be dealt with. You may be able to get Ryazan into alliance, for an offensive/defensive war inversion.

All of the actions above can usually be completed in no more than 10 years from the start of the game, taking ownership of all your cores except Tula (Lithuania), and Suzdal (diploannexation takes time).

Domestic Policy in the 1400s

For any country, but particularly one which has abundant plains to fight in, getting to offensive 9 (for the +1 shock bonus) should be a priority. Muscovy starts with Offensive 5, and gets no events to move it (an event in 1460 can with a (b) choice, but the (a) choice is usually desirable). So you should spend your first 4 slider moves (1419, 1429, 1439, and 1449) getting Offensive 9.

When you get land 7, you can build artillery and get a fire phase. Infantry get firepower at land 9. Muscovy can often get there by 1500. Once you've got land 9, or even 7, you'll want the +1 fire that you get for high Quality.

Here is the 1460 event choice (a), which you should make:

		name = "ACTIONNAME3401A"
		command = { type = domestic which = CENTRALIZATION value = 2 }
		command = { type = domestic which = LAND value = 1  }
		command = { type = domestic which = QUALITY value = 2  }
		command = { type = land value = 1000 }
		command = { type = cot which = 270 }
		command = { type = removecot which = 274 }
		command = { type = CAV which = -1 value = 10000 }
		command = { type = CAV which = -1 value = 10000 }

Mid 1400s: Wars with Lithuania and Golden Horde

There are many good provinces for you which you do not initially have a core on. These should be your focus while you are waiting to become Russia. You want to either acquire them yourself (if not too costly in BB), or you want to secure them with a good Orthodox owner which you can later vassalize and annex.

There are four allies you are likely to use during this time: Suzdal, Georgia, Ukraine, and Trebezond. Ideally, you should get Georgia into alliance before attacking Golden Horde, and you can hopefully get it some crappy mongol provinces to convert.


Lithuania has two things you want. The first is military access, which will allow you to get to the minor Orthodox countries in the Balkans, including Moldavia and possibly Byzantium. The second thing you want are two provinces: Tula (core), and Belgorod (borders aplenty for attracting defections; see below). The final thing you want is the province Ukraine, which you can free as a vassal. A war to take MA and those three provinces should be your priority once your core is cleaned up. Invite Suzdal to the war, and Moldavia if you can get it into alliance. Let your allies siege during the winter, with you stealing the sieges in any northern province. (If Moldavia can capture Jedisan, get it for them.)

Once you release Ukraine, get it in your alliance. It is your place to give provinces you may get in offensive wars against Lithuania, and possibly Poland, Crimea, etc.

Lithuania will be exploited later. If it does ever attack you or Ukraine (that is, you're on defense), smash it flat and take as much as you can. See below for more on exploiting Lithuania for conversions. If Ukraine attacks it (you're on offense), then you'll have to make a decision about what to do. In general, it's a bad idea to take provinces for 2BB each. But it is worthwhile to get Ukraine to, and possibly other allies; you don't care about their BB, and you can eventually diploannex them for just 1BB per province.

Exploiting the Golden Horde for Defections

The Golden Horde has some nasty collapse events that you will want to exploit. The Golden Horde's problems start some time between October 1447 and August 1448: usually, +10 RR for 10 years, plus revolts in Kazan, Tambow, Crimea, Azow, and Astrakhan (if they still own them). Exploiting this event is tricky because you want defections, not large new countries. It is therefore important to know which of their starting provinces can defect. Some provinces have no countries at all that can revolt. Others have one or more countries which, if they don't exist, they can revolt as. Otherwise they can also defect.

Here's the list of provinces that the Golden Horde might have:

Province	Religion;Culture    Min Country(s)          Core
446;Kazan	sunni;mongol        Kazan
447;Tambow	orthodox;russian                           Kazan,Ryazan
449;Vorones	orthodox;russian                           Ryazan
451;Bogutjar	orthodox;russian
452;Saratow	orthodox;russian                           Ryazan
453;Ufa  	orthodox;russian
454;Samara	orthodox;russian
455;Uralsk	sunni;altai
456;Orenburg	sunni;altai                              Astrakhan
457;Astrakhan	sunni;mongol        Astrakhan(capital)
458;Volgograd	orthodox;russian         
459;Lugansk	orthodox;russian                           Crimea
460;Donetsk	orthodox;ruthenian                         Crimea
461;Poltava	orthodox;ruthenian  Ukraine,     
462;Krementjug	orthodox;ruthenian  Ukraine,               Crimea
463;Crimea	sunni;mongol        Crimea(capital),       
464;Kaffa	orthodox;greek                             Crimea
465;Kerch	orthodox;greek                             Crimea
466;Azow	sunni;mongol        Crimea,     
467;Kalmuk	buddhism;mongol                            Crimea
468;Kouban	sunni;mongol                               Crimea

Here's my opinion on how best to exploit this. First, you must make sure Ryazan is absorbed (this should be accomplished early.) You should also have had a war with Lithuania well before 1447, with the goal of taking Tula (core), but also Belgorod. See above.

In the early game, let Golden Horde annex one or both of Ryazan and Suzdal. Now you have CB on them. When you have competed a war with Lithuania, let RR die down, recruit up, then attack the Horde. If you have Ryazan or Suzdal as an ally, invite them, and see if the Horde will annex. (If so it's a defensive war -- all the better.) When you get 100% warscore, you can take military access, Astrakhan, and Samara. Be sure to leave the Horde with 1 of your cores, so as to retain CB.

In 1447, watch the Horde carefully for the collapse event. When it happens, the Horde will become unable to recruit troops in almost every province except for a xxxx

Some years before 1447, get in a war with the Horde, and take it all for 100% warscore. Loot it until September 1447. Then make peace, vassalizing them and taking Astrakhan (CoT is worth 2BB, and it can revolt).

Now when the Golden Horde collapse event happens, you must monitor things there carefully. The Horde starts with 17 provinces, and they should have 16 (you've got 1). So, up to 8 can be rebel-held at one time without causing a government collapse. Leave one extra for a buffer (and to guard against instant captures) So we should leave no more than 7 of them rebel controlled.

You want to let rebels capture and hold the Russian/Orthodox provinces: Tambow, Saratow, Vorones, Bogutjar, Ufa, Samara. Also, assuming Crimea is not in the game: Lugansk or Donetsk. (There are 8 provinces there you want, but you can only let 7 be rebel-held: let the rebels decide which is the 8th.) You must watch carefully, using your armies to kill rebels as they pop up (winter will certainly help) and sieging out any provinces rebels do capture. Do not let the Horde's government collapse, and do not let the provinces which can revolt do that (they are Kazan, Crimea, Azow, and Poltava/Kremetjug). After 4 years of rebel control, the Russian provinces will defect to you. (It appears that even when they border Lithuania, they prefer you. Still, this is poorly tested and may be random. So I would advise if you can do so, recapture Vorones if necessary so that it defects after Saratow and Bogutjar.)

As the initial wave of defections happen, the proportion of rebel-held to government-held provinces improve for the Horde. You can then afford to let rebels take more. If you've gotten all seven defections, then the Horde is down to 9 provinces. So you can let 3 be rebel-held at a time. These should be the one remaining initial one, plus Uralsk, and one more. (Uralsk is Sunni and therefore of little immediate value, but it is on the way to Siberia.) You may be able to get Kalmuk and Kouban to defect to Georgia; if so, do it.

There probably won't be time after a second wave of defections, since that takes at minimum 8 years without sieging time. However, Crimea and Kazan may possibly revolt, which you can exploit. Get any ally to annex Kazan (they may eventually convert it). Crimea can be vassalized.

Around 1500

The late 1400s to early 1500s should be a period of relative calm. You want to do tech, particularly trade 2 (for trading posts) and infra towards 5. Your land tech can be let languish, relying on fighting inferior muslims, with winter and massed cavalry to stop the latin techgroup from invading successfully.

Exploiting Sibir

In 1560, Russia will gain cores on all of Sibir, as well as altai culture. So, you can always wait until then. But... that's a long time! And they stand in the way of Siberia! Sibir is a unique country, in that it has the only settled pagan provinces Europe or Asia, and it can be created as a pagan country for much fun and profit.

If you can arrange a defensive war against Sibir, take everything you can. Otherwise, use an offensive war to take a thin strip of three provinces for 6BB. It's very important to get the colonies going early.

Sibir itself can be annexed for 3BB, assuming you can get into war with it. This is worth doing only if it has not already converted Tobolsk. If Tobolsk is still pagan, you can now release Sibir any time you want as a pagan country.

In late 1559, if you've gotten a CB on Sibir or if you've taken at least 5 of its provinces, you can drop some BB by giving the provinces back to Sibir just before they become your cores. (If you wait to gain cores on Sibir's land, then you no longer lose 1 BB if you give them back.) So, DoW Sibir and immediately offer them all of their cores for peace (Sibir has cores on each of its starting provinces, and no others.) They'll take it, of course. You lose 1BB per province. Then in the 1560 event, you gain cores on all of Siberia including Sibir's land. Now you can have CB and can DoW Sibir costing just 1 BB, invade, and take everything BB-free. Thus, if you can get a CB against Sibir before 1560, and you have 2 or more of its provinces, you can lose BB via a war.

Exploration and Colonization (1495)

You'll get your first conquistador (Ivan Lyapun) as Muscovy, in 1495. He lives for 10 years. Give him a few thousand cavalry, and he should be able to explore most of Siberia in that time. Lyapun should never stop for winter. Kill all the natives on the north strip of Siberia when you first enter their province. On the southern half, I keep thenatives if there are 1500 or more (i.e. 300+ when you first enter), since you will be colonizing this area much later.

Be sure to have at least military access to the East by 1495, if not land access. Land access is better -- you can start colonization. You want to explore straight across to Enkan, on the northernmost strip of Siberia. Kill the natives at Enkan, and send a colonist, hoping for some luck. Then explore back on the southern strip. By this time, hopefully your trading posts and level 1 colonies have reached to Angara, and you can use the conquistador to help it start.

In the east, you want a line of trading posts straight to Angara. After each successful placement, move a "kill the natives" army one province west and kill the natives. (Having natives boosts the chance to get a TP, but once a TP exists, there is no further benefit from natives.) Note that the rules that decrease the chances to create new colonies when there are too many do not apply when you have a land connection. However the rules against too many TPs always apply. So you can paint all of Siberia with level 1 colonies without problem, if you can afford it, or with level 3 (average) trading posts. Also note that so long as your kill-stack is of size 4 or less, it can winter in a trading post or colony so long as the base tax value is 2 or more. A size 9 kill-stack can winter safely in BTV 3+.

Other than possibly getting a conquistador from random events, Lyapun is all you get until 1555. After that, you'll have at least one conquistador almost continually until the end of the game.

For colonization, Russia is unique in that no other country can explore Siberia, and thus, it is safe to use trading posts. Thus, I suggest using them heavily. Also, because of the rules on land connections in colonization, Russia is alone in being able to afford to TP and colonize "breadth first", instead of "depth first". That is, Russia can send 80 colonies of level 1, if she wants, so long as they are land connected. Doing that would eliminate the ability to colonize elsewhere in the world. But it means that you can very rapidly cover a huge area. If you are attempting to compete in the New World colonization race, then you should use mostly TPs in Siberia and do colonies sequentially.

Here is the order of colonization priorities:

  • Your highest priority will be to connect to, and colonize the three gold provinces to level 9 or to a colonial city. I do not suggest keeping the natives -- it is just too costly. (You lose conquistador exploration time, and money, and failed attempts, and you must garrison and often end up killing the natives anyway.)
  • All furs should be TPed with a level 1 initially. Where you must "bridge" across provinces with low-value goods, use a colony if the province has decent BTV (3+), or a TP, preferring high base value goods (salt, metal, fish) over low base value goods (grain, sheep).
  • Colonize all the provinces with high base tax value. Those with BTV 3+ should be done first, raising them to colony status. Others can be done sequentially.
  • Colonize remaining provinces (those with low base value goods).

Forming Russia (1520)

The event to form Russia can happen starting in January 1520, but you must not be at war. You become Russia, and get +3 stability.

About Ethiopia and Nubia

Ethiopia and Nubia are both Orthodox countries at the start of the game. So, once you've taken most other Orthodox provinces, they will be prime targets for your eventual alliance, vassalization, and diploannexation. There is no rush about this with Ethiopia, but there is for Nubia, because Nubia gets a random event (starting in 1500) which causes it to convert to Islam, and also converts two provinces. Orthodox Nubia usually vanishes by the mid 1500s.

The challenge here is getting Nubia into your alliance. Generally, no matter how high your relations are, a country won't join your alliance unless you border it, or you have a mutual border with some other country. So, it can difficult to do.

The easiest way to get a border is to create it yourself, but for that, you'll have to get a conquistador. Your 1495 conquistador may be able to do it towards the end of his run, if you can buy military access through Mameluks. Or you might wait until you get your 1555 conquistador. Discover, and then start a colony in Massawa (752). (You can also use a trading post if you want.)

When you get Ethopia into alliance, there is no rush to annex them. So you may want to use them as a conversion proxy, giving them Arab lands you get from wars with the Mameluks. It is possible to get a corridor to Africa, thereby gaining significant manpower from Ethopia and the lands around.

The Lithuanian Gambit (1540-1570+)

Here's an interesting bug/feature of the events files. In 1630, if Lithuania is not western-rites Christian, then it's likely to get 7(!) event-driven conversions. Russia's religion, Eastern Orthodox, is not western. You can use these conversions to convert many provinces which would otherwise be hard to convert. Note that Lithuania can only change religion away from western Christianity if it is destroyed and specially re-created. This is likely to happen only if you do it.


You start with one core province overlapping with what Lithuania start with: Tula. And in 1540, you will get cores on Welikia and Kursk. Thus, if you do have a war with Lithuania soon before 1540, go ahead and give

How to Create an Eastern Orthodox Lithuania

There's a bug/feature you can exploit for low BB. When a country gets inherited, any of its provinces which are controlled by a third country are ceded to that third country immediately, with no BB cost to it. In 1567, Poland usually (about 90% chance) inherits Lithuania. So, in this case you'll want to help Lithuania grow before ~1560, then attack it and take over all provinces except the capital (Lithuania (288)) by the time the Polish inheritance fires. (The inheritance event won't fire if Poland and Lithuania are at war, so, don't allow that; ideally by this time you'll have Poland small and vassalized; if so just don't invite them to the war and it should be fine.) You take everything except Lithuania, which goes to Poland.

Alternatively, if you don't want to exploit the inheritance bug/feature, you can do as follows. Starting by, say, 1540, get into wars to take at least one of Lithuania's two "minimum" provinces which is Orthodox. (In 1540 you get two cores that should be useful.) Now wait for Poland to inherit, removing Lithuania. (If that does not happen, you'll have to destroy Lithuania yourself, using an ally to annex them when they get to one province.)

Now it is possible to release the new, improved Lithuania. Since you don't own Lithuania province, the capital will be to the lowest numbered minimum province, which is Belarus. Lithuania will thus be Orthodox!

There are events which complicate the decision of whether to release Lithuania immediately after 1567. Lithuania has two events (Wave of Protestantism, 1580-1600; and Wave of Calvinism, 1590-1610), which might, with a (b) choice, change its state religion to Protestant or to Reformed. You cannot control these choices if Lithuania exists, so the safest strategy is to wait until Jan 1, 1610 to release Lithuania. If you are a gambler, you can release Lithuania in 1567 immediately after she is inherited; this gives you many more years to feed her provinces, but it does risk the roughly 10% chance of her conversion.

Using the Eastern Orthodox Lithuania

You want to ally with your Lithuania, and get in wars, feeding it provinces that you want to convert. Don't think small here; event conversions always work. Try to give it wrong-religion provinces which:

(a) you can't easily convert yourself (i.e, wrong culture, and/or very high pop)
(b) don't have a revolter country, and neighbor only you, as you plan to be in 1634-1640 (you can get these to defect)
(c) have some other strategic importance.

Here's some likely targets. Note that the separate peace trick works great on most of the mongol countries since they have only a handful of provinces, and the revolt.txt capital is the same as their start-game capital. Also you get cores on the steppes shortly after 1560, so, you'll have the CBs to take you into Sibir and Nogai, certainly.

  Warsaw (291)   (Polish/Catholic, capital of Poland)
  Kazan (446)    (Mongol/Sunni, isolated). 
  Crimea (463)   (Mongol/Sunni, capital of Crimea)
  Emba (519)     (Mongol/Sunni, capital of Nogai)
  Karsak (1535)  (Kazakh/Sunni, capital of Kazakh Horde)
  Uzbek (1594)   (Uzbek/Sunni, capital of Uzbez Horde)
and some less likely:
  Svealand (254) (Scandinavian/Protestant, capital of Sweden)
  Prussia (290)  (German/Protestant, capital of Prussia)
  Danzig (301)   (German/Protestant, CoT!, populous)
  Sjælland (307  (Scandinavian/Protestant, capital of Denmark)
  Sivas (474)    (Turkish/Sunni, capital of Dulkakir)

Using the 1630 Events

There are three 1630 events that Lithuania gets, each with three options. The (a) options get the most conversions; (b) options get one conversion each, and (c) get heretics. So you may see some variety of outcomes, but seven conversions is most likely. In addition, Lithuania will end up with huge RR (+30 for 2 years), -6 stab, and its relations to you will be dropped to -200.

You can use the resulting rebels strategically to expand into the newly converted terrain, BB free, or to get the Orthodox countries that you want formed to revolt. Make sure to have MA with Lithuania. +30 RR is very high; Lithuania will not be able to recruit any troops since all provinces will have no income. What troops they have they'll probably lose soon fighting rebels. Over two years, half of their provinces on average will get a rebellion.

Provinces which you want to revolt (i.e., the capital of a non-existing country) are easy: just allow the rebels take them over and proceed from there. When they revolt they'll DoW Lithuania; you should enter each war and win it for them. (You need to stay allied to Lithuania during this time of troubles so that its neighbors don't see its weakness and carve it up in ways you won't like.) If you have any of the revolting country's core provinces that you want to give them, and it can't get at Lithuania, you can immediately sue for a separate peace, offering them core provinces. (You can offer countries their own core for peace even if they don't currently occupy those provinces.)

If a province can revolt but you don't want it to (i.e, Kazan, which can revolt until 1651), then you'll have to garrison it and occasionally retake it. You can let Lithuania's government collapse if rebels are currently holding only provinces which you want to revolt.

After the two years is up, and sometimes before, you'll probably want to diplomatically annex Lithuania. You pay 1 BB per province for this. Alternatively, you can take the stability hit to DoW it. This allows you to take cores BB-free, but the stability hit is nothing to sneeze at.

A Note on Poland

You want Poland to last until well after 1567, because at that time it gets demoted from the Latin techgroup (the good one) to the Orthodox techgroup (yours). If Poland has been fairly small before 1567, it will tend to track the Latin techgroup's tech levels, and probably have considerably better tech than you or any other orthodox country. In this case, you'll get a nice neighbor bonus for a while after Poland is demoted. You want Poland to be small as possible, with rich provinces; ideally it would have only its capital, plus maybe Danzig (if you've not grabbed it), and nothing else. You may be able to create this situation yourself.

It All Belongs to Russia!

Russia is unique amongst countries not only in how many cores it can get (well over 100 by game's end, although most of them are initially unowned), but also in that its cores are doled out to it gradually over time. Russian strategy is shaped by this: you can expand to a very large empire while keeping BB low, but only if you wait for the events that give you cores to exploit.

Here is a listing of the guaranteed events, and some of the most likely ones, that give you cores.

Russian claims in the East (1540)

This event happens sometime between Jan 1540 and May 1541. It gives the following new cores:

Kazan (446)
Tambow (447)
Vorones (449)
Bogutjar (451)
Saratow (452)
Lugansk (459)
Donetsk (460)

In addition, you get 20000 infantry and 20000 cavalry, and +1 stability.

Russian claims on Poland-Lithuania (1540)

This event happens sometime between Jan 1540 and May 1541. It gives the following cores:

Welikia (280)
Kursk (286)

In addition, you get 10000 infantry and 10000 cavalry, and +1 stability.

The Fate of the Teutonic Order (1560)

This event will happen in Jan 1560, but only if Sweden, Denmark, and Poland exist, and Courland does not exist. Depending on what the Teutonic order chooses, the results will vary. However, on their usual (a) choice, you will get the option to gain cores on:

Estland (276)
Livland (282)

You may get more, or less.

Russian claims on the Steppes (1560)

This event happens sometime between Jan 1560 and May 1561. It gives the following cores:

   Ufa (453)
   Samara (454)
   Uralsk (455)
   Orenburg (456)
   Astrakhan (457)
   Volgograd (458)
   Kurgan (510)
   Kustanai (511)
   Tenghiz (512)
   Orsk (513)
   Irgiz (514)
   Alga (515)
   Turgai (517)
   Ust Urt (518)
   Emba (519)
   Bouzatchi (520)
   Ichim (578)
   Karaganda (579)
   Omsk (580)
   Tchany (581)
   Semipalatinsk (582)
   Irtych (583)
   Novosibirsk (584)
   Altai (585)
   Demianka (586)
   Barabinsk (587)
   Ob (588)
   Tomsk (589)
   Angara (590)
   Krasnoyarsk (591)
   Balakhta (592)
   Tchuma (593)
   Bratsk (594)
   Oka (595)
   Touva (596)
   Saian (597)
   Zima (598)
   Tannu Ola (599)
   Irkutsk (600)
   Chatga (601)
   Selenga (602)
   Sadrinsk (1570)
   Jalutorovsk (1571)
   Nefedova (1572)
   Tobolsk (1573)
   Demjanskoje (1574)
   Sergino (1575)
   Manskijisk (1576)
   Vakhovska (1577)
   Surgut (1578)
   Pimsk (1579)
   Igrim (1580)
   Berezov (1581)
   Kondinsk (1582)
   Obdorsk (1583)
   Saleharo (1584)

In addition, you get altai culture, 10000 infantry and 10000 cavalry, and +1 stability.

The Russian Orthodox Church declared independent of Constantinople (1588)

This event happens sometime between Jan 1588 and Feb 1589, assuming that the Byzantine Empire does not exist, as it usually won't by that time. You have to select the (b) choice to get the following cores:

   Dobrudja (320)
   Rumelia (321)
   Bulgaria (356)
   Thrace (357)
   Macedonia (358)
   Hellas (359)
   Morea (360)

In addition, you get greek culture, two DP moves, and -3 stability. Also, your monarch Fedor I has his stats reduced from ADM=(4/5/6) to (2/2/5) for the rest of his reign, which ends in Jan 1598 (10 years).

The Treaty of Nerchiinsk (1689)

This event happens sometime between Jan 1689 and May 1689, assuming that Russia and China are not at war. You get the following cores, all of which start as unsettled provinces:

Ulan Ude (603)
Buriat (604)
Tchita (605)
Kalakan (606)
Sretensk (607)
Kalar (608)
Mogotcha (609)
Djagdi (610)
Chilka (611)
Stanovoe (612)
Baladok (613)
Djugdjur (614)
Enkan (615)
Okhotsk (616)
Magadan (617)
Kolyma (618)
Chelekov (619)
Kamenkoie (620)
Korfa (621)
Palana (622)
Tchumkan (623)
Amgoun (624)
Sofiisk (627)
Amour (628)
Tchekunda (629)
Boureia (630)
Ekimcan (631)
Nerchiinsk (632)
Norsk (633)
Birobidjan (634)
Nagorje (1467)
Khretset (1468)
Kamcatka (1586)
Sredny Hrebet (1587)

In addition, you must choose whether or not to cede a bunch of the provinces in Machuria that start unsettled to China or not, with substantial diplomatic repercussions either way.

The Partition of Poland (1764 and 1768)

Poland has two events where it may pick an (a) choice (94%), which thereby gives you cores on Polish territory. The first event happens in September 1764. You get the following cores; cores you should already have are marked with an asterix:

   *Tula (279)
   *Welikia (280)
   *Kursk (286)
   Polotsk (281)
   Belarus (284)
   Smolensk (285)
   Mozyr (287)
   Belgorod (450)
   Donetsk (460)

In addition, you get a 5-year CB on Poland, 250d, and +3 stability.

The second happens in January 1788. You get these cores; cores you should already have are marked with an asterix:

   *Tula (279)
   *Welikia (280)
   *Kursk (286)
   Polotsk (281)
   Kurland (283)
   Belarus (284)
   Smolensk (285)
   Mozyr (287)
   Lithuania (288)
   Volyn (293)
   Chernigov (294)
   Ukraina (295)
   Jedisan (296)
   Podolia (297)
   Belgorod (450)
   Donetsk (460)
   Poltava (461)
   Krementjug (462)
   Crimea (463)
   Kaffa (464)
   Kerch (465)
   Azow (466)
   Kalmuk (467)
   Kouban (468)

In addition, you get a 5-year CB on Poland, 250d, and +3 stability.