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The send missionary screen is an information screen allowing you to send missionaries to attempt religious conversion in a city (or, rarely, a colony).

To display the send missionary screen, click on the "missionary" icon in the controls window. Doing this will display the send missionary screen, and also place the main map into religion map mode.

When you mouse over a province, its information will be displayed on the send missionary screen. You can click the province to select it, which will cause the Cancel and Send buttons to be active. The send missionary screen displays the following information for the current province:

  • its name, at the top, twice.
  • its current religion, both as the religion's icon and its name.
  • its population.
  • its culture. If the province is unsettled, this is the provincial base culture, otherwise it is the settlement's culture.
  • the chance of success you have, if you send a missionary now.
  • the estimated time of conversion.
  • the cost of conversion.

For more information on the costs, chances, etc. of religious conversion, see the article on it.

The send missionary screen offers you the following actions:

  • to cancel, returning you to normal map mode, via the "Cancel" button.
  • to send the missionary to the selected province, via the "Send" button.