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A truce is a diplomatic agreement between two countries pledging that they will not declare war on each other for a period of five years.

Creation of Truces

A truce is created between two countries whenever they cease to be in the state of war with each other. The means of peacemaking does not matter. It may be:

The expiry date is exactly 5 years after the day on which the peace happened.

Effects of Truces

When two countries have a truce, the following effects hold:

  • If either country declares war against the other, it suffers a penalty of -5 stability in addition to other stability hits incidental to declaring war.
  • Neither country may impose a trade embargo against the other
  • AIs are not allowed to voluntarily change their state religion while under a truce which resulted from a peace treaty where they were force-converted. (Whether or not this effect is actually tied to the truce which changed their religion I don't know. It may be that AIs cannot change religion while under any truce at all.)

Termination of a Truce

A truce ends for only two reasons:

  • Immediately upon either country issuing a declaration of war against the other. (Thus taking the stabhit mentioned above.)
  • When it expires.

Truces are not ended merely by a state of war existing between two countries. Thus you will occasionally be in a situation where you have more than one truce with the same country, reflecting two wars you got into and finished within 5 years of each other.