Victory points

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Victory points (abbreviated VP) are used to determine the winner of a game if the victory conditions are either set to standard or supremacy in the main menu. The game will also promote or demote you as you earn or lose points. You can view your victory points below the coat of arms in the information screen and in the ledger at page 1 and 3.

In short, you will earn victory points by

Failing at certain of these points (like losing battles) will cause you to lose victory points.

Earning and losing Victory points

Note: This is not tested properly. Many values are likely to be wrong.

  • Battle
    • Winning/losing battles: +/-0.5 points. More points are earned/lost depending on the results of the battle (men killed)
    • Capturing a province: +1 or 2 points
    • Capturing a capital: +3 points
    • Losing control of your capital: -2 points
    • Liberating your captured capital: +4 points
  • Diplomacy
  • Discoveries
    • Discovering a province: +1 point?
  • Economy
    • Monthly income?
  • Establishments
    • Building a manufactory: +1 point
    • Establishing a colony: ?
  • Missions
  • Peace resolution
    • Force vassalize a country: +10 points
    • Force annex a country: + 10 points
    • Getting a province: Depends on the province