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Warscore (abbreviated WS) is a number which quantifies how well a war is going. It is used only for computing peace treaties: what a side can ask for (or must offer), and what an enemy is likely to accept.

When war is declared, warscore is zero. It then changes depending on the war. Ordinarily, warscore ranges from -99 to +99. In this range, warscore is determined from two sources:

  • results of battles: 1 to 3 points per battle won or lost. Larger battles are worth more.
  • control of provinces: the value in warscore depends on the development of the province. All trading posts are worth 1 warscore. Colonies are always valued at 2 warscore. Cities range in warscore value from 3 up to 30+ for wealthy centers of trade.

All values of ordinary warscore that would go beyond 99 are simply truncated. The two extreme points of warscore, -100 or +100, are attained only when a single war coalition controls all the provinces of an enemy, while at the same time that enemy doesn't control any other provinces. To get 100% warscore against a war coalition, only the provinces of its war leader are checked.

When you offer a peace treaty, the first screen will tell you what the warscore is. By hovering over it, you can get a tooltip showing the breakdown.

In wars where a side has multiple countries, each country and also the war coalition as a whole has a separately computed warscore with each enemy as well as the enemy war coalition. When a country offers a separate peace, only the warscore of the relevant parties is used.